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San Diego family photographer - a mother and son

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we’re definitely a casual, come-as-you-are kind of studio. our focus is on the mood and the moment. connection. we believe in capturing real interaction and emotion; and in the importance of documenting childhood and family history. we wear our hearts on our sleeves and love what we do! our hope is to connect with others who are equally passionate about life and enjoy our lighthearted brand of playful, upbeat, and spontaneous photography of children and their families.

as much as we'd hope to be loved by all, we're also very quick to point out the importance in finding a photographer whose work moves you. someone who sees love and happiness and the world around them in a way you truly connect with...

we love to laugh, play, and generally goof off with our subjects as much as possible. we love working creatively with the light, the surroundings, the mood, etc. and will follow the moments and the action attentively. we'll be working hard to capture you at your best and will certainly make suggestions and explore different ideas that we think will work well, but unnatural posing and props are just not our thing.

so if what you're looking for is a fun, creative, meaningful, non-traditional, and spontaneous experience, then chances are we're a great match and we'd love to hear from you!