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newborn photography of baby at 10 days, san diego

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based in san diego, california, HAPPY HEARTS photography is an upbeat and playful boutique portrait studio offering sessions for the whole family - including: pregnancy/maternity, newborn, baby, child, and family photography.

photograph of a newborn with baby blanket in san diego

primarily a newborn photographer, we've definitely learned some things over the years. one of the most important being that a newborn baby's comfort level is all that matters! so we work hard to create a relaxing space where we can capture your little one naturally and at ease. this carries forward too, as not only your baby but children of all ages and the entire family are always more photogenic and comfortable with this approach of photographing in surroundings that are familiar to them.

photograph of family playing with newborn in san diego

our newborn photography is always done on-location, using available light in your favorite locations. great photos can be found indoors in your family’s home, in your newborn baby’s crib/nursery, as well as outdoor locations, from your own backyard, or to the neighborhood park, or to your family’s favorite beach. most often though, the setting is quite basic. some beautiful window light and just a little open space around it. a newborn photographer dreams of such simplicity! that said, southern california is full of great locations to work with and we always find something that is both meaningful to the family, as well as to the camera! 🙂

a newborn photographer usually finds their best spots right at home, or in a favorite outdoor spot. or both! many times, the location itself is the best “prop” and all we really need to get the energy and connection a newborn photographer looks for in their little subjects.

photographing a newborn is a rather delicate process - naturally, a newborn photographer's job is always easiest when their subject is at ease, feeling comfortable and with little to no awareness that a photograph is even being made. of course our primary goal is to photograph your baby while they're asleep, but this is often the hardest part, so yes, even while sleeping, it's important that your newborn isn't aware of our sounds and movements while photographing.

we believe the focus of newborn photography should be on, well….the newborn! we love getting images that include mom and dad, as well as any siblings too, but first and foremost, a newborn photographer's priority is always on capturing this special fleeting time in a baby's first days. plenty of time for family photography later!

a newborn photographer for many years, we’ve become known to our clients for our sensitive approach with maternity and newborn photography, we are patient and compassionate, delicately taking the time and care needed to create a calm, quiet, soothing, and peaceful space in order to document and photograph this oh so sweet time.

we absolutely love newborn photography and are always stoked to meet new parents that are about to welcome in a new member to their family. we simply love the energy and excitement that we always find beaming from new parents! it’s such a love filled and exciting time!

we strongly believe in honoring the purity and beauty of this tender age and wholeheartedly do our best to capture it with our work. when photographing newborn sessions, we believe the focus should be on your baby, and on mom & dad – but not on the background, or props. photographing a family within their natural environment is so much more authentic and real, and always stands the test of time.

a newborn photographer’s dream light is natural light. specifically, abundant window light. this has the added benefit of practicality, given that all of our sessions are on-location, with newborn sessions mostly being in the family’s home. any newborn photographer will quickly admit “give me good window light and a sleeping baby and i’ll always be smiling….”

newborn sessions usually last 2-3 hours, with at least 1-2 hours of photography (more time is allotted if necessary, as a newborn baby can be so unpredictable). the extra time is spent finding the best light, setting everything up, and feeding/caring for your new born baby. after the session it typically takes 14-20 days for your images to be processed, edited, and then uploaded to your online gallery. approximately 24-50 photos of your baby will be shown, from which you can pick and choose your favorites to order, including your baby's birth announcements!

we proudly offer natural light, on-location newborn photography in all of san diego county as well as orange county and los angeles. destination photography is also available throughout the US, as well as select international destinations. we travel long and far to meet our family's on their doorstep!

choosing your newborn photographer, naturally leads to choosing your family photographer. these important decisions will last forever, as the photography created will be with your family for lifetimes to come. some newborn photographers concentrate solely on photographing newborns alone. and others concentrate solely on newborn photography through the first year. and others still, that have a broader concentration and photograph families throughout all of the many stages. we like to think we're somewhere in-between!

david’s budding career as a baby and family photographer began many years ago with maternity and newborn photography. his very first official client commissioned him for a series of maternity sessions and newborn sessions. her pregnancy was high risk and definitely a special experience to say the least. all of the compassion, delicacy, care, and patience learned early on became embedded and continues all these years later to play a significant role in our sessions and of course the photography that results. it’s also a huge reason that we’ve had so many families come back to us year after year to help document, through photography, all the many changes and stages a family experiences together.

please check out our image gallery and find out a bit more about us in the ‘info’ section above. and if you like what you see, please get in touch - we’d love to connect!

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