photo of children and families at play in san diego

| xoxo |

the following is a collection of sweet nothings our clients have written to us over the years. our hearts melt knowing that we've touched your lives as much as you have ours!

~ david and laura

We met with several photographers before meeting with David and as soon as we started talking about some of our ideas, we knew he was the one. This was our first time hiring a professional to photograph our little Noah and we didn’t know much at all about the process or what to expect. But David put our ideas to use and included some even better ones of his own!!! He made us feel very comfortable during our session and because of that the pictures he got captured us being ourselves just as we wanted! We will definitely continue having David photograph Noah through the ages!!!!

T & C

Isabelle was a very difficult little baby in her first months. We didn’t want to miss out on capturing photos of her baby features like arm rolls, eyes, hair, etc. so we tried to go for it anyways. David was so patient with us and even took the extra time needed to get what turned out to be some amazing photos. We really thought that after the way Isabelle had been behaving that the session was unsuccessful, but David promised otherwise and put our fears at ease by sending us a sneak peak following the session. I don’t think any other photographer would have put the extra time, thoughtfulness, and care into this session and we couldn’t be happier!!!

A & L

We were so pleased we picked David to take our baby Jason’s newborn photos. We weren’t really aware of boutique portrait studios with our first baby and missed out on the opportunity to capture our daughter at such a young age. You have no idea how quickly they grow up! With Jason we planned ahead and did all of our research and David was there to capture him at the 2 week and 3 month marks. We couldn’t be happier with the photos and only wish we had known about David much sooner.

K & S

As a professional photographer myself, I am truly in awe every time I see one of David’s portraits. Knowing your craft, inside and out, from a technical perspective is surely one thing. But having the ability to absolutely level someone with sheer emotion and amazement upon a moments glance of your work is most certainly another. Oh, he’s got that and then some! Truly thankful for the wonderful gifts he’s given our family over the years.


You guys rock! Eric and I just wanted to write to say how much we appreciated everything you did for us and for taking the most adorable photos of Allie and Kris. Seriously, every time we see them they make us smile (our friends too)! Your portraits are by far the most valuable things in our home and we can’t thank you guys enough! P.S. I just found out my sister’s having twins, YAY! She says to save her a spot (or two) in September!

C & E

We get so many compliments on our wall gallery that David designed for us to go above our living room mantle. At our recent party for Lila's birthday, my girlfriends and all the other parents couldn’t stop commenting on it!


David and Laura always do an amazing job at meeting and exceeding our expectations every time - with both the photography and the entire process. They are very informative and show that this is not just a business to them, but that their hearts really ARE in it to always make us happy! We have already been back twice and will continue to do so!

T & M

Our three hour session in the park flew by and was over before we knew it. We were so comfortable and having so much fun we practically forgot there was even a camera on us. Thank you so much for making this experience memorable and fun for the whole family!

L & E

We were thrilled to find David after searching several photographers’ websites filled with...Sorry, but I've got to say it...uninspiring poses and ridiculous props. What we wanted were photos of “us” and that is exactly what we got. David captured the heart of our new little family and I am so excited to have these pictures to remind me every day of the intense joy we felt in those first few days after Sarah joined our family!


The first time I hired a professional photographer I didn’t really research it. My husband and I were just swamped, so when someone at work gave me a referral to their photographer, I just went for it. At the time I was happy with the outcome and didn’t think much of it until last summer when one of my girlfriends turned us on to David's photography. OMG, I had no idea what we were missing! Unbelievable! I always saw really cute kids photography in clothing catalogs and in magazines and such, but never thought I could hire someone like that for my OWN family! We’ve done two sessions now and couldn’t be more happy! I always joke with David and Laura that they should offer me a job since I send all my family and friends to them!!!

S & A

David’s ability to capture Aaron’s emerging personality was unlike any other photography experience we’d previously encountered. Other photographers always made us feel unnatural and trite. Not so here! We recommend David to all of our fiends and family! His photography is simply amazing. It really captured the fun and playful relationship our family has together.

S & N

Our first experience with a “boutique” studio was horrible but we decided to give it one more try after one of our friends referred us to David. Laura was great at putting our worries aside. She laid out the process for us ahead of time and asked us what we were hoping to get from our session; she took notes and discussed ideas with us on clothing and location. By the time the session came up we knew we had nothing to worry about and were able to relax - this sure showed in the amazing photos David got of our family! Everything we had wanted and discussed with Laura, David was able to get.....but of course our favorites were the wonderful shots he came up with! We will definitely be back.

C & D

One word: amazing! In a nutshell, these guys are awesome and will bend over backwards to get the best photos of your kids and family. My husband and I really wanted to do a session at the beach with our girls and lucked out, so we thought, with some really nice weather on the day of our session even though it wasn’t the best time of year for it. Things were going great until about halfway through when the wind picked up horribly and it got too cold for our little ones. David was a good sport and suggested we try a spot he likes that wasn’t too far away to try and make the most of the situation. It was in a neighborhood park, which was nice but not at all our first choice, but the kids were having a blast and I was just relieved things were working out. About a week later David called and wanted to know if we could make it back to the beach for a quick follow up session since he knew how important it was to us. Of course we jumped at the chance to do this and this time were able to get everything we hoped for without the wind getting in the way! I later found out from Laura that we did this on his day off!!! I can’t tell you how sweet this was and how much it meant to my husband and I. Now, between you and me, once all the pictures were online and it was time to pick out our favorites, I was completely blown away when nearly half our favorites turned out to be from the park! Talk about saving the day! Having a photographer you can count on and trust is soooo important!


We wanted something really playful and colorful to go with the new nursery we built for our twins. At first my husband and I were set on some really cute art we found locally at a couple of children’s boutiques, but then my sister found their website and we just fell in love with David’s adorable photography! Now we have these beautiful (and playful and colorful!) additions to the nursery, PLUS enough other great portraits to round out our living room and family room too! But enough about “decor,” the best part about all of this is having found someone who truly cares as much about documenting our family, and how much we all love each other, as we do! Highly recommended!

A & K